The committee has been formed to assist in any big/small events of Cosmo City Church.
It utilises the ministries already existing in the Church to coordinate events as effective as possible.
Romans 12:3-8, Eph 4:15-16 (one body many parts, working well in unity and more importantly serving God according to our different gifts)
Eph 6:5-8 reminds us to serve people wholeheartedly , as serving the Lord and to please Him first, despite the ill-treatment or appreciation from fellow humans. This way we realise that the best rewards comes from the Lord.

The team is fairly new, officially created late 2019, though it started early in the same year. It is one of the fulfilling ministries because it has the start and the end, obviously per event’s outcome.
Passionate people run this ministry, working hard to execute a wonderful and successful event, each time. We depend on the Holy Spirit to help and guide us, even when certain things don’t make sense.

The ministry itself is time and/or mentally consuming and requires a person to develop fruits of the Spirit, especially peace, patience and self-control, and LOVE; Gal 5:22-23. Like When the event happens to take a different turn, example unpredictable weather, change of venue or even the actual program of the day, etcetera.

Small event could be a 3 hours meeting and a big event could be a 1day to 5days event.
Any ministry in CCC may ask for help from us, to coordinate/organise their event.
One of the coordinator will meet with you(ministry leader) to get a briefing on what the event is about and their expectations. Sometimes we might ask Church members to help us run the event, depending on the workload.

Interested in joining the team?
I promise you that you will grow so much in the Lord and amazingly you’ll learn a lot about yourself.
But the important thing is come as you are and ready to learn everything about serving. Yes! because you do really serve, people and God.
We serve God who loves order, who pays attention to details, He’s precise. God who detailed on how the first Passover should be like Exo 12:1-20.
Also how His Holy tent should look like, including the interior design Exo 26:1-36. I mean colours, sizes and wanted only skillful designers.
And we serve and obey Him. That’s where the team extract the inspiration from.

Events get announced on different platforms; Facebook, WhatsApp and Sunday announcements, also on the Church website.

For any enquiries please first contact the Church office.